Dish Mexico (owned by EchoStar and MVS Comunicaciones) −a company that provides Satellite TV, Internet and mobile phone services− has begun to offer telecom packages that include a subscription to streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. Dish Mexico is the second operator in Mexico and Latin America to adopt this strategy, the first one being Totalplay.

The ploy of including subscription to an OTT platform in telecom services packages is gradually spreading throughout the region. The main country where it is being employed is Mexico. The first streaming platform to be included in packages of this kind was Netflix, and now Amazon Prime Video is following suit.

According to information provided by Dish, this initiative will allow users to save up money. The cheapest plan including Amazon Prime Video costs USD 13.7 per month. Subscription to Dish initial plan (58 channels) on a separate basis costs USD 9.9 per month and the monthly fee for the OTT service in Mexico is USD 4.5.

In addition to access to Amazon Prime Video library, the packages offer other Amazon Prime services, such as free shipping, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming and Amazon Family.

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