Mexican telecommunications company Telmex (América Móvil) has launched Internet and phone packages including Netflix membership. There are several plans, all of which allow users to save up money if the price of the package is compared with the price of signing up for Netflix in the traditional way.

The cheapest plan including Netflix costs USD 25.6 per month and provides access to what may be called the OTT’s initial plan offering one screen at a time, an Internet speed of 20 mbps and unlimited phone use. Under this plan, the user pays USD 5,64 for Netflix, whereas the original price is USD 6.62.

However, subscribers can save up much more money if they purchase the most costly plans. For example, if somebody signs up for the plan costing USD 58.94 (with an Internet speed of 200 mbps, unlimited phone use and the highest Netflix plan offering four screens at a time and 4K content), the price of the OTT will be USD 7.69, whereas the original price is USD 11.75.

Telmex clients who wish to include Netflix may opt for Internet+phone or Internet-only plans. All of them afford the benefit of access to Clarovideo, América Móvil’s OTT service, without any additional cost.

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