In Argentina, Alpha Media announced on January 31 that it had bought Channel 7 of Neuquén (Telefé Neuquén) from Paramount, the audiovisual multinational company that owns nationwide Free-To-Air channel Telefé. It is the second time Paramount has sold an Argentine inland channel, since last year the multinational closed the sale of Channel 8 of Mar del Plata, which was acquired by a media group called Neomedia. The transaction marks Alpha Media’s debut on the TV market.

According to the terms of the agreement, Channel 7 will be allowed to go on broadcasting Telefé’s content as an affiliate station. In addition, commercial exploitation of advertising space will be shared by both companies.

Paramount has neither given any oficial explanation nor stated whether the sale of inland channels will continue. At present, the company is still the owner of six channels located in Argentine provinces: Telefé Córdoba, Telefé Rosario, Telefé Santa Fe, Telefé Bahía Blanca, Telefé Tucumán and Telefé Salta.

The content to be broadcast by Channel 7 will be based on Telefé’s programming and supplemented by local productions. In a press release, Alpha Media owner Marcelo Figoli explained the following: “We will focus on consolidating the channel’s leadership in the province by launching high quality local programs and linking the channel with radios, magazines and portals owned by the group.” In Argentina, the company owns important radio stations such as Radio Rivadavia, Rock & Pop, Metro, Blue and La Uno, news agency Noticias Argentinas (NA) and Newsweek magazine.

Update January 31, 2023: The trend persists. Also on January 31, the acquisition of another Telefe’s inland station, Channel 8 of Tucumán by Grupo Televisión Litoral (TVL) was confirmed. In this way, Paramount is now the owner of only five channels located in Argentine provinces, following the sale of three TV stations in the last few months. The terms of the deal are similar to those of the agreements for the sale of Channel 7 of Neuquén and Channel 8 of Mar del Plata. The channel becomes an affiliate and is allowed to go on broadcasting Telefé’s programming. Grupo Televisión Litoral is the owner of Channel 3 of Rosario and Channel 6 of Bariloche, in addition to several radio stations.

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