On December 12, The Walt Disney Company issued a press release to announce the introduction of a change in its direct-to-consumer streaming strategy in Latin America. The content currently offered by its OTT Star+, including Espn sports and general entertainment productions, will be delivered by its other OTT: Disney+. The change will be implemented in the second quarter of 2024. The aim is “to offer subscribers one single streaming experience allowing access to content for all audiences.”

According to the explanation given by Diego Lerner, President of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, “the integration will make it possible for the unparalleled strength of our content to be available in one single app, thus offering an enhanced superior experience and making access simpler for subscribers, on whom we always focus.” In the region, Disney+ was launched in November 2020 and was followed by Star+, which was launched in August 2021.

Given that the press release did not provide any other details, there is no information about how the integration will be implemented. It is still unknown what the price of the unified service will be, whether Star+ will be discontinued as a platform and whether there will be only one plan or several packages.

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