Tubi, a free ad-supported streaming platform (AVOD) owned by U.S. Fox Corporation, has announced its plan to further its international expansion, which includes entering new territories in Latin America. The OTT is currently operating in the following Latin American countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

Former Endeavor executive David Salmon has just been appointed as Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Tubi’s International Division to lead the company’s expansion strategy. “Tubi has an industry-leading position in the U.S. and we’re looking to replicate that success across international markets. We already have a fast-growing footprint in Canada, Australia and Central America and now we seek to advance those efforts while expanding into new markets like the U.K and further into Latin America,” he noted.

Tubi, which offers VOD content such as movies, series and TV shows (in USA it also offers FAST channels), arrived in the region in early 2020 when it entered the Mexican market. Then, in 2022 the AVOD OTT launched its service in Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama. By virtue of an agreement executed in early 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery has become Tubi’s representative for advertising sales in Latin America.

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