The investment fund Linzor Capital Partners acquired 100% of Chilean telecommunications service provider Mundo Pacífico. Linzor partnered in this operation with Teras Capital, a Spanish investment group specializing in the industry.

Mundo Pacífico has a fiber optic network with over one million homes passed and offers Pay TV, Internet and fixed telephone services. Linzor was born in 2006 by opening offices in Chile and Argentina and, today, it has more than 15 companies (among which Hoyts Cinema stands out) purchased throughout Latin America and inaugurated offices in Mexico and Colombia. Mundo Pacífico will be its first participation in the telecommunications market.

“FTTH is the future to deliver high-speed internet to homes. We see a large growth opportunity for Mundo Pacifico in Chile,” commented Tim Purcell, Managing Partner of Linzor.

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